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Online Learning Update
  • US Dept of Ed approves sale of Kaplan to Purdue by Ray Schroeder Yesterday
    by Autumn A. Arnett, Education Dive The U.S. Department of Education has approved the sale of Kaplan University to Purdue University &mda...
  • Federal Audit Challenges Faculty Role at WGU by Ray Schroeder Yesterday
    By Paul Fain, Inside Higher Ed Education Department’s inspector general labels Western Governors as a correspondence-course provide...
  • Survey of Tech in Education Finds Mixed Results by Ray Schroeder Yesterday
    By Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology If you’re trying to hunt down research to justify the use of technology in the classroom or...
  • Standard Operating Procedure? by Ray Schroeder Wednesday
    By Mark Lieberman, Inside Higher Ed A regional accreditor recently denied an Arizona community college’s bid to increase its online...
  • Students have new ways of measuring degrees of success by Ray Schroeder Wednesday
    By Jeffrey J. Selingo, Washington Post Fewer students are going to college this fall, as enrollment in higher education has fallen for fi...
  • A New Way to Learn Economics by Ray Schroeder Wednesday
    By John Cassidy, the New Yorker With the new school year starting, there is good news for incoming students of economics—and a...

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