Going to the library is an important part of learning.

This page discusses LibraryThing which is arguably the most popular means of putting your own library online.

So what happens when the library is online? You might want to share information about what you read and see what other people read. There are network effects here: the more people participate, the more value is created. So we may want to look at these various services in terms of their use, as measured by their Alexa traffic ratings.

Here is an analysis of the traffic to the 20 book-discussion-related sites listed at education-portal.com plus GoodReads and LibraryThing and Zotero:

Alexa http://www.alexa.com/ rankings as of 2 July 2011.
[NOTE: Rankings change significantly over time, so this list is already stale.]

Site Information for msn.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 11 Traffic Rank in US: 13 Sites Linking In: 22,267

Site Information for amazon.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 17 Traffic Rank in US: 5 Sites Linking In: 275,172

Site Information for barnesandnoble.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 804 Traffic Rank in US: 183 Sites Linking In: 8,343

Site Information for goodreads.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,176 Traffic Rank in US: 414 Sites Linking In: 8,946

Site Information for oprah.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 2,214 Traffic Rank in US: 844 Sites Linking In: 10,223

Site Information for upenn.edu
Alexa Traffic Rank: 3,185 Traffic Rank in US: 1,485 Sites Linking In: 4,204

Site Information for gutenberg.org
Alexa Traffic Rank: 5,668 Traffic Rank in US: 3,221 Sites Linking In: 12,986

Site Information for librarything.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 8,350 Traffic Rank in US: 4,378 Sites Linking In: 7,065

Site Information for online-literature.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 28,702 Traffic Rank in US: 16,084 Sites Linking In: 3,138

Site Information for librivox.org
Alexa Traffic Rank: 37,087 Traffic Rank in US: 20,150 Sites Linking In: 2,619

Site Information for zotero.org
Alexa Traffic Rank: 42,980 Traffic Rank in US: 27,573 Sites Linking In: 2,193

Site Information for onlinebookclub.org
Alexa Traffic Rank: 167,835 Traffic Rank in IN: 43,111 Sites Linking In: 15

Site Information for bookreporter.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 254,940 Traffic Rank in US: 71,202 Sites Linking In: 935

Site Information for bibliomania.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 332,377 Traffic Rank in IN: 115,438 Sites Linking In: 2,587

Site Information for readinggroupguides.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 567,980 Traffic Rank in US: 190,210 Sites Linking In: 645

Site Information for bookbrowse.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 204,266 Traffic Rank in US: 80,509 Sites Linking In: 788

Site Information for classicbookshelf.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 902,856 Traffic Rank in US: 537,002 Sites Linking In: 232

Site Information for wiredforbooks.org
Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,125,875 No regional data Sites Linking In: 830

Site Information for litlovers.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,173,259 Traffic Rank in US: 269,531 Sites Linking In: 170

Site Information for readinggroupchoices.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,429,680 No regional data Sites Linking In: 255

Site Information for writtenvoices.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 3,028,444 No regional data Sites Linking In: 72

Site Information for notingbooks.com
Alexa Traffic Rank: 8,552,480 No regional data Sites Linking In: 11