Wiki-to-Speech summary of Week 1 panel:
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Questions (?) relate to
  • what are the costs?
  • where is there a problem or solution?
  • is there a solution?

Brainstorm about Affordability at AllOurIdeas

EtherPad for this topic

Possible perspectives on Online Learning Affordability:

From the perspective of an online student
  • internet access? (digital divide)
  • computer hardware?
    • $25 computer article
    • mobile devices? (mobile learning)
  • course costs?

From the perspective of a K-12 school
  • as a supplement to classroom instruction (blended learning)
    • learning centers?
  • as a new core competency (digital literacy)
    • laptops for every student?

From the perspective of a University
  • as a classroom replacement (OERu concept)
    • faculty costs?

From the perspective of Government
  • as a public library service
    • internet facility costs?
  • as a public health service
    • content development/maintenance costs?

Possible solutions for lowering costs:

Sharing access

Once online, using free services